Posted on Dec 27, 2020

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The Root Canal Procedure

No one is ever happy to learn that they may need a root canal procedure. But the situation could be worse: You could lose your tooth. Or you could be an extreme pain. Having a root canal procedure performed prevents both of these things. Having said that, the root canal procedure is somewhat shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. Let's clear things up with a few points about this common procedure.

Root Canal Procedures Are Not Painful

The root canal procedure is not normally painful. In fact, it is no more painful than receiving the average dental filling. Your tooth will be numbed with a local anesthetic prior to your procedure. Unless you are one of the tiny percentage to develop complications, your recovery should also be quite comfortable.

The Procedure

The procedure itself involves the removal of the infected dental pulp found at the center of your tooth. If you need a root canal procedure, that means that this soft tissue containing nerves and blood supply must be removed. After your dentist has removed it and cleaned any debris, they will fill the empty space with a packing material to prevent further damage to your tooth.

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